10 x Bamboo Toothbrush Set

10 Piece Color Mix
10 Piece White
10 Piece Blue
10 Piece Black
10 Piece Beige
10 Piece Purple
10 Piece Brown
10 Piece Mint green
10PC Bamboo charcoal
10 Piece yellow
10 Piece Rainbows

Bamboo Toothbrush Set
Many of us have now become more aware of the issues related to plastic disposal and the damage it's creating within our world. So, we consider our purchases and look towards eco products as a way of creating a smaller footprint. But it may not have crossed your mind to consider the impact that the humble toothbrush can have on the environment.

Until that is, you consider that we each use around 300 of them in a lifetime. Now multiply that up, and you can see we suddenly have a tremendous amount of waste. It's been estimated that it will take up to a thousand years for a single plastic toothbrush to decompose.

We are delighted that we have an alternative option for you - a bamboo toothbrush that provides a sustainable alternative to plastic.

All of our toothbrush handles are made from 100% biodegradable Moso bamboo. This mountain growing variety is self-renewing, meaning that there is no risk of deforestation, and it grows at an incredible one meter per day! Even better is that it grows well in poor soil, and so requires no fertilization or chemicals, and it takes all its's water from the natural mountain rainfall.

Now you may be wondering about the bristles. Well, there we needed to make a compromise because if you want natural bristles, then we would need to use pig or badger hair. I'm not sure about you, but it just didn't feel right to use an animal in that way, and it wouldn’t fit with the beliefs and ethos of our vegan clients.

Additionally, there are concerns about the tendency of natural bristles to become a breeding ground for bacteria when wet. Natural bristles also tend to be very harsh, and dentists now recommend a softer bristle as being much more effective and kinder to your gums.

So, we decided to use BPA free bristles. If you're not familiar with BPA, it's a chemical that is used in the manufacturing of some types of plastics. Research has shown that when BPA is used in containers for food or drinks, it can seep into the contents. This has then led to health issues and in particular for babies and children. There's also thought to be a link between BPA and increased blood pressure.

With our bamboo toothbrushes, you can simply pull out the bristles with pliers once the toothbrush has come to the end of its life, after around three months of use. That gives minimal plastic as waste and a handle and head, which can be recycled or composted.

Our eco credentials don't stop with the manufacturing; we also use plastic-free and recyclable cardboard packaging.

We offer bulk toothbrushes in ten packs, and there's no need to forgo design and color when you're trying to be more environmentally friendly. When you brush with bamboo, you'll love the sleek minimalist design of the handle and we have nine different colors you can choose from. Can’t make up your mind? Well how about our multi-color pack or even the colorful rainbow option!