About us

It wasn't until I contacted a dentist's office to ask about chemical teeth whitening that I realized just how expensive it was. And then there was the fact that they couldn't guarantee that I would see the difference I was looking for. You see, over the years, my teeth had become discolored and stained. Several cups of coffee a day, a few glasses of wine at the weekend, and the bright white smile I used to have had gone. I began to feel a little self-conscious about it and found myself half smiling, not wanting to reveal my yellowing teeth.

That's when I started to look into teeth whitening services which use bleaching solutions. So, there I am with the nurse telling me that results couldn't be guaranteed, and then she advises that I may also end up with sensitivity in my teeth and that there is a risk of my gums becoming irritated and infected. At that point, I began to look for an alternative. I also figured that if I wanted something else, then there was a good chance that other people do too. Hours and hours of research led me to discover activated charcoal products. As I read more, I learned how the charcoal was highly effective at removing surface stains but without causing any damage to the underlying enamel. This seemed like a much better option than introducing bleach to my mouth!

I started off using a bamboo charcoal toothpaste. The dark paste caused much hilarity to my partner as my mouth and gums turned black, but it did, thank goodness all wash off very quickly and easily. After a few days of use, I began to see a noticeable difference. The stains were lifting, and my white teeth were reemerging. As friends and family began to notice the difference, they became curious as to how I got the results, and it wasn't long before they too were completely converted to the benefits of charcoal products. It really seemed as if I'd found a miracle teeth whitener. So then came the decision to make it easier for everyone to experience the benefits of charcoal toothpaste and to share my experiences. Over time I began to search for other products that I felt that my clients would also like.

The next one to join the range was the Bamboo Toothbrush. Like many people, I had been diligently recycling my waste and trying to keep what went into the landfill sites to an absolute minimum. I swapped my plastic carrier bags for cotton ones that would give years of use, and I found stores where I could take along my own containers to fill up with food from bulk containers. But it was when my toothbrush needed to be replaced after just a few months of use that I realized that I still had some changes to make. I knew that I needed to find an alternative eco-product that didn't involve plastic. When I found out about Moso bamboo and bamboo toothbrushes, I knew I had found the alternative! Moso bamboo is this amazing plant. It grows on mountain hillsides, and it requires virtually nothing to keep on growing. No chemicals or fertilizers, no water other than what falls as rain.

And it grows as this insane rate of a meter per day! If you've seen the devastating images of deforestation around the world, it's just disastrous to the environment. With Moso bamboo, that doesn't happen because of the speed of growth. Think of bamboo, and you think of pandas, so that was a concern that maybe taking the bamboo would be removing their food source. But no, Moso bamboo isn't grown in the areas where pandas live, and they don't like it either. So, another tick in the box! But I knew they needed to be of good quality and do the job just as well as a plastic toothbrush in order to get clients to swap across. So that's when I started to use them. I really liked the cute color range combined with the sleek appearance, and they did the job perfectly. That's when they joined our range of products.

I loved the results I was getting from the bamboo charcoal products, and that made me curious about other charcoal products and if they might also do a great job. Coconut was next on my list to try out. It works in just the same way as the bamboo by being an activated charcoal. Once the shells are heated to high temperatures, the coconut charcoal develops pore-like gaps, which means each granule has an enormous surface area. When brushing with activated charcoal, the plaque along with any food debris is swept into those pores and away from our teeth.

Coconut shells are considered to be an agricultural waste product, so this then means that the whole nut is put to use. This time I was trying a powder rather than a paste. Not something I had used before, but it turned out to be pretty easy to use. I quickly found that taking out some of the activated charcoal powder out of the pot with a dry teaspoon made it really easy to control how much went on the brush bristles and avoided any spillages. Then I just run the brush under the tap to get it wet and dabbed it into the powder.

With a bit of trial and error, I found that brushing for two minutes gave the best results. And the results from the coconut shell charcoal? They were just as impressive as those from the bamboo charcoal. So that then meant another item for our product range. So, with the products found, there was just one step left, and that was to bundle some of them together to offer great price savings. Now you have the convenience of receiving everything that you need to get that bright white smile all in one convenient pack. As you’ve seen, it's really important to me that I only promote products that I have personally tried and have found to live up to their promises. I figure that if I love them, you will too!